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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Welp, I got an email from Trek (I sent an email to them about misspelling brakes and asked about "women who ride") - they're supposed to contact the winners this week, So I only have three more days to hold my breath... but I'm not really - too easy for too many people to send their little email essays in who would be better at that stuff than I would, and, welp, I've known too many of these "contests" that are pretty pre-determined. If ya know somebody, you know somebody. Oh, and I bet those grapes are sour, anyway :) Besides, it's not as if I couldn't try out gear! And besides, if that's what I want to do, then perhaps *I* should take the onus and sniff out other options. Hmmm... I feel Mr. Google calling me ...

Had a hokeyspokes happy last night, I believe... that car turning from Washington into Anderson was gong a lot faster than it took that curve - I do believe the orange side-glow made for slowing down a second earlier, for another non-close-call.

Okay, it's a slow week so I *will* get around to reading this document and sending comments, and I'll post 'em. They'll take comments until June 6.

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