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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Speedometers are nice :)
Proud to say that we only went 10 miles (to TOlono) before I actually *checked* that wheel to find the brakes were dragging. Now, when I get it down to the first stop to rest that you need bcause a rider is working too hard...

Speedometers are are FreeRadicals...

Just dropping in to say hi! Life is still very interesting and I plan to return to the blog world soon. The best news? I've decided to keep "Annaballe" who is in the shop this very moment awaiting her xtracycle conversion. I've given up driving!

Best wishes.
It's so good to hear from you!

I'm selling my car to my brother at the end of the month... not committing to not replacing it but it's not going to happen right away. (People say "oh, when it gets cold" - but actually it's summer when I'm more likely to want to go 150 miles; winter riding doesn't faze me.)

You're going to love the xtra... it feels so right :)
Hate it when the brakes stick and you don't notice until 10 miles into the ride.

My car broke down in ... I don't remember when, now. A few years ago. I told myself I'd replace it, but somehow I've never gotten around to it. The few times I've needed a car I rented it.
Turns out Xtracycle is completely sold out and I have to wait a couple of months for mine...I think that is pretty good news. I want mine of course but if more people are riding...

The future is here, indeed!

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