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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

So! Realized too late taht my blog title for bike to work is a little long ( ) and I don't feel like re-inventing it.

Duly noted that the Trek monthly email had Xtracycle as its gizmo-of-the-month :) :) Maybe they saw it at one of them thar trade shows... or maybe it was on one of the applications for "women who ride." It *didn't* name the five selected so of course I'm still holding my breath. Made it hard to ride today :)

OF course, I still commute *home* on exactly the route I've deemed inferior in the morning. It's still got left turns on it - tho' not with the visibility issues of Randolph & John, and maybe it's those only-partially-caffeinated folks, though I've always felt like drivers were more dangerous in the afternoon.

At any rate, on the morrow we're going North. (No, not to Alaska :-))

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