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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Snapshot of the future?

This a.m. I looked out the door and a cyclist was going by; picked up the helmet and walked out the door and an older couple on cycles was going by the other way. Hopped on my bike and eased down the driveway and an electric car was scooting up the street. (No traditional automobiles were moving.)

Wake up, C-U... the future is here!

And... another case against sidewalk riding, with apologies to that van driver. I was heading towards the Parkland entrance on the Bradley sidewalk (believe it or not, I really do forget "take the Southern route to miss the construction these two weeks") and thought I had it timed. The guy on Clayton wouldn't get to turn right until the line of traffic coming towards me was through, and there were two cars left just as I go there... welp, except I couldn't see their traffic light at all (the E and W lights are separate) and it had gone red and those two cars stopped as I blithely road right in front of the guy on Clayton, who had already eased off the brake (but not started anywhere). I would like to think that the light hadn't actually **changed,** but I can't say for sure. It was another reminder that important little things like traffic lights aren't placed so that you can easily see 'em if you're not on the road. I'll be on the road tomorrow...

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