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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ride of Silence went well, except for one nervous rider who couldn't quite keep quiet... oops, that was me. And who was it who gave the little "how to do this?" talk?

38 people and I think it had the "critical volume" (to avoid the connotation-laden "critical mass") so that people felt that "hey, there's solidarity here" feeling. It was impressive looking from the rear and I think the route was a good one for visibility without danger. And hey, I even accidentally went the right direction so it was mostly right turns! And I got a birthday dinner and birthday black and tans afterwards even :)
THinking that the flags I saw from another group would have been good.

Bike to Work Day tomorrow... but I *haven't* committed to doing anything and I'm taking the day off :-) So... should I sleep in or oh, knock off a metric by noon?

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