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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Proposed Ride of Silence Route:

8 miles (Google says 7.9), and of course it doesn't print nicely from that setup. Hmmm...

I didn't count - tomorrow I may - but it seemed there really were as many cycles as cars on the roads I used this a.m. (Northern route.) There were five bikes on the rack when I put mine on there. Guess that tells me it's not students who have been riding in - most of the bikes were familiar. So, marketing mavens, that would indicate that staff/ faculty are more likely to pedal than students, whom we might have assumed were more amenable to a less expensive alternative? What are the factors - speed? (Students may need to get to their next destination quickly, whether it's the day care center or the job or the party) Cargo? (Books. Books. Could also be the reason I didn't see faculty/staff bikes before - they may have less to carry this week.) Mindset? (Students are mere sheep being led by the conglomerate forces whilst faculty/staff are occasionally independent thinkers? SNork :))

Did you see this story of a cyclist who was hit by a baseball bat north of Urbana?
Yes, indeed; I've run into Ethan at the bike shop more than once (Nobody got hurt then...) and waved as we passed each other out on the road. It simply sucks... but I reckon that's why the lady on that Tuesday ride said "You're so brave!" as we rode by ...
Karma, do your thing...
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(I kinda got the feeling that he didn't want notoriety for it so I refrained from posting it as was my initial impulse... but I'm not going to be kindly disposed towards red Dodge Rams... oops, my sister has one...)
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