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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I encountered a grumpy one this morning - the kind that would consider buying that cafepress stuff. Aside: the images have been taken down, too, with comments from the cafepress personnel referring to them as "harmless fun" and questioning people making a "federal case" out of it. Hmmmm..... perhaps (really reaching here!) the idea that people really *would* harm cyclists is so "out there" that it must be funny... I don't think so.
Back from the side... I'm waiting longer than usual at Prospect and ah! car behind me. I scoot over so he can get by... look back for the wave nad smile... and he's scowling and muttering disparaging things, and they do seem to be loosely directed at me. I suppose my existence is his bane, and I should have moved my shadow more quickly. FLashed him a peace sign to complete being my stereotypic self (I ductaped the one back on the backside of the Xtra this morning) and went on my way. Hope something mellows his mood before long... a blessing on him and anyone he endangers this day.
Construction is still very yucky at Bradley. Will they really have the entrance open next week?
Car title made itself manifest at 1:22 a.m. after finding several cycling gloves (two of 'em even matched and weren't together), my birth certificate, pictures of an old SO, some humorous scraps that I won't incriminate myself about, and that touching farewell composite of my face in assorted movie shots (done in 1980's technology: school copy machine). WIsh I could say things were tidier - but I can find the top of that big desk!
Now to get that "seven day driveaway sticker" ... and sell the litle car.

As long as we can read stories like Lance Armstrong having lost count of the number of times he was purposefully run off the road by morons in pickups in Texas while training, this sort of thing will NEVER be funny.
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