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Monday, May 21, 2007

Forgot to mention that I chatted with one of the group ahead of me when we got back, which they did only slightly ahead of me because I really didn't spend much time at the rest stops (and skipped the last one 8 miles from the end). The longest mileage ride included a nicel little loop, and he'd passed me on that loop - so I assumed that he was doing an extra loop, which would make for him a century. No, he said, he'd considered it but he was thoroughly baked.
So. He was too tired to make it a century - but he'd had to pass me, and at the end of it all, I was definitely not feeling baked. (Perhaps slightly sauteed, but not baked.)
If we raced, he would soundly thrash me. It's the converse of the "if you want to train for racing, you don't just do miles, you have to do quality miles." He was doing "quality miles" by racing definition... I *suppose.* I have to wonder, though. We do have this remnant of Puritanism (or something related to a form of savage honor per other ancient cultures) that puts a value on pain. Yes, since the difference between first place and the other guys is often "who is willing to suffer," riding in that threshold is good practice enduring pain. However, if I don't *need* to be first - if I just want to get there strongly - do I need that practice? Do I need to learn to be insensitive to pain? There are disadvantages to that for my well-being as well as others. There's ample pain that I don't inflict on myself, I do believe :-)
Now, I have been perusing mine on archives and I promise to wander back to more commuting comments, tomorrow :-)

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