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Monday, May 21, 2007

107 miles, or Sue's Endurance Secrets.

Okay, first, I'm really wishing that I could be one of those Trek Five Women Who Ride. I want to Try New Gear... wishing they'd post something online and keep me from holding my breath.
And, for a shorter reading: the Secret is not to push things so that they actually go out of balance. After 91 miles my muscles were fatigued, but not in pain. THe habit of frequently easing up on the saddle meant my but was sore, but not very. Minimal chafing 'cause I picked the right shorts. Minimal sun-fatigue because zinc oxide is GOOD. Will remember gloves and glasses next time. Had no problem hopping on the red bike for another 17 miles after a shower, without being a danger to myself or otehrs.
Rode in this morning and there's a little fatigue but I'm ready to roolll.

Long version: Got up at dawn and put on the shorts & T-shirt and forgot the Pig SNout. Yesterday I was Just Another Rider. Stuffed 3 power bars into my fanny pack, the pump & stuff in the camelBak, had a bagel and cheese and a big glass of tea, filled the bottle with Gatorade and was on the bike and rolling by 6:10.
Teeny pretense of a headwind (by Illinois standards; probably 3 mph) and basically no traffic made for a nice ride out to the Monticello Lions Club ride, which still has the annoying habit of having the rest stop for the 16 mile rout at... 13 miles. I saw a rider off in the distance once, but it must have been somebody faster than I and I decided *not* to chase it down.
Therein is The Main Secret, I *think.* When it's long, stuff the competitive stuff and stick to "pushing a little."
Ticked off the mileage and affirmed the accuracy of the speedo, which I seem to have guessed right the first time for calibration, tho' I will compare my speed to otehrs one of these nights. Went over the horrendous "old route ??" (Ten?) stretch of so-called pavement patches and then through Whiteheath and thought fond thoughts of Whiteheathens here and too quickly gone. Noted where the official route cut through and went on by for the stretch of 55 mph road... since not a single car went by, that didn't matter.
Monticello, 8:15. THe group who'd also ridden out was there, but I let 'em start ahead of me. I took off and just enjoyed the miles and miles, passing about 20 people and being passed by 2 until the very end, and a soul or two who saw me in their mirrors and took off :) At the end, many of those horses sensed the stable and charged by... I was thinking of the ride back. Had pork chop sammich and tea, which completely revived me.
Ride back was reasonably strong and fast with prob'ly a 6-8 mph tailwind. Wished I had sped things up a *tiny* bit because I could have almost made it back in time for the 1:00 bike coop meeting.
Arrived home at 1:15. Pushed enough to average 2 minutes better than 15 mph. because I went for 15.1 until town, when traffic's more important than speed.
SHower, gatorade, email check and it's off to chat about bicycles and Champaign, and the Places of Concern (can we say Prospect Avenue?). Side trip to Champaign Cycle for gloves and glasses and saying hello. Side trip to Kaufman Lake Path to show fresh pavement (but confirm that getting under the interstate is still nasty).
*Two* packages of ramen noodles and a two beers. That should restore the carbs :)
Go to bed and dream of Trek Picking Me and trying, oh, that week of brevets up Wisconsin Way ... I'm sure they'd let me off work... these delusions of grandeur will pass...

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