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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Successfully toted Pie Monday, as pictured and chili yesterday. I kinda like the basket ;) The pie I think is a more popular comestible :) I am the queen of meringue - I suspect because it's such a novel act that I'm giving it the attention it demands. I successfully prevented Pete from introducing a white that had had a broken yolk "but I got every bit out!" into the mix. Talk about Breaking THe Laws! I only have about five Things I KNow about cooking, but one of them is "when you separate eg whites, if the yolk breaks, don't EVEN use it." It's not quite like dividing by zero ...

Construction to start on Bradley April 28. I think I will strive to ride a longer route and come in on Duncan, even though the construction might not... no, it will. I have to get onto Bradley and I won't be the expected entity. Besides, longer is better, especially since the weather is betteR!
Ride tonight :)

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