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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Midwestern Margin

So I'm taking the cheesy through-the-campus-sidewalks route to church (it is the most direct) and coming up on the all-way stop (as in, traffic has to stop both ways for the pedestrian traffic even tho' there is no cross street except a driveway to a parking lot on the other side, which I can't remember whether has any yieldage or not, except that everywhere else in life where a sidewalk meets the street you're supposed to look both ways)...
... the car pulling up to stop there a: was getting there first, and b: would have had time to paint her toenails and have three cell phone calls and then pull out even had I accelerated from where I was (the "cut curbs" aren't a straight shot so I have to do some serious weaving)). Still, in the instant-assessment-process I knew she was trying to figure out "wait for the bicycle?"
I squeezed the brakes and sat up higher. I didn't actually *apply* the brakes. (The Gazelle.) SHe smiled and went through.
It took 5 seconds (maybe) - and the more experienced commuters are doing that, the easier it gets for everybody. Get out and practice :) :) :)

In interest of improved traffic flow, I'll often wave intersecting traffic through if it results in all of us getting by faster. There's nothing to be gained by asserting my right-of-way if the car can beat me through an intersection anyway.
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