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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Menacing clouds made me scout unsuccessfully for a sheltered spot to park the Trek. Perhaps something to ask my "parkland senate" rep about.

SUpreme court seems to think our prez shouldn't be whacking away at environmental safeties. Hmmm... you think they might be feeling a heat wave?

Minor jubilation: found both the phone *and* the big honking light. (should put a horn on it so that's a literal truth :))

Heard Ted Koppel this a.m. saying that the British sailors' capture drove the price of oil up... and that, what was it?, driving the price down would be waht it took to get them home or somethin glike that. Made me ponder the possibilities of a "bring them home" movement to cut back on our consumption and send a message. The blurge was coming at me... "we all remember the grief and horror from 9/11, but don't you also remember the unity? Let's not forget that... let's re-awaken it. Whether you're left, right, center or none of the below, we can unite to ..." need just a little more caffeine to activate the schmaltz producers... I was thinking Tax Day would be a good starting point. "If you *have* to drive, give someone a ride! And be kind to the people you see making a sacrifice for freedom."

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