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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is it addiction or is it Gore-Tex?

It wasn't raining when I finally got myself out of the office at 5:30 yesterday, and the bike - kinda like the bike in The Lively Ride. (Sit through the short self-promo... this little clip is cyooot!) - took me out the back way.
Over the overpass with major tailwind. Traffic not too happy. Holes in road at top of bridge enough to throw a person - take the far right for the safer spot. If I dropped some plywood there, would it stay?
South on Rising for five reasonably peppy miles, keeping the speed at faster-than-four-minutes-to-the-mile, a.k.a. 15 mph, thinking I need to put that speedometer on the bike. Then Bwaaaap! Left turn INTO the wind, and the drizzling starts. I'm going 'way slow but in a mile or two the mental adjustment happends and I find a smoother stroke and a higher heart rate. Through Savoy. ONward. Tried to cast a happy-web over your house as I drove by :) Bwaaaaack... a little more open into-the-wind, then left and down Race street. Took the bike path for the last two miles 'cause I wanted a cool down. Home by 7:15, wet from the inside out.
Gore-Tex is good :)
Took the short way in this a.m. dodging maintenance trucks and FedEx, UPS and DHL in a three block stretch of White Street. Is this national Deliver Me day or something?

I loved the lively ride film. It caught me by surprise.
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