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Sunday, April 29, 2007

INteresting "justifiable annoyed driver" experience today. I'm cruising down Country Fair, Southbound, and cyclists are going North, an older and hyounger (possibly father-daughter) pair. They signal that they are going to turn left, ever so tenuously, but they've got all kinds of room.
Then they pull over to the right... where there really isn't that much room, and slow... and the SUV driver with the Fire Dept. stickers has slowed 'way down and gives 'em a honk and a holler. Didn't singe the air or anything... but dudes! PREDICTABILITY is the watchword. Okay, *if* I were sensitive to the tenuosity of those signals, I *might* think "they will not have the cahunas to actually make a left turn." However, personally I had kinda thought that seeing a confident cyclists such as myself, my confidence would rub off on 'em. Perish the thought. More likely I was the last straw in the "oh, no! we can't turn, there's a vehicle there after all!" even though we really weren't in conflict. Lesson: signal and then DO IT.

Yesterday after the club ride I drove the car. There's a poem in it. First there was that feeling that it ought to be criminal to get into a CAR on a 70 degree sunny day to drive to a bike shop and pick up a bike (even if I was taking a bike out there 'cause I couldn't get the wheel on it, and I'd be taking *two* bikes back. I have the Tray Bien for doing that.)
Was a time when I welcomed that womblike feeling of being in my little safe capsule, breaking the time-space continuum and catapulting myself to another place. Now I feel like I've been shoved back into the womb and I want to be out there in that treacherous world because I'm not an embryo any more. (Resonates with the usual seasonal yearnings for new horizons and adventures, too.)
Going to get "stuff" done to the car 'cause it would be cheaper here than where Big Brother lives. Two headlights would be nice, eh? What will it feel like without a car? I know the garage will be bigger :) :)

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