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Friday, April 20, 2007

I decided to take my old route in this a.m. since I had an early start and I'm going to be talking about commuting. The time warp effect was remarkable. The bus marquee that said "SMILE ITS SUNNY" inspired me to do so. I remembered the routine as it unfolded, tho' I felt like a stranger. I may have to ride it for the next few weeks just to see whether or not there really is a sense of "who is usually here." I arrived at Neil and Hessel at 7:27, recalling that 7:30 was the "okay" time, and did the right-left to Avondale and scooted up Randolph to John. I'd forgotten those charges up that hill... and oh, my, I'd forgotten the tradition of trying to reach 25 mph on the downgrade to Mattis. No computer and overdressed, so I didn't try. Arrived at Parkland at 7:49, which bears noting since it could be a "longer distance faster travel" route. We'll sprint it next week and see; Sioux *likes* more miles faster.
Conclusion: this route is more physical, less social and less mental. SOme mornings it's good to be physical.
Yesterday's night sky was the stuff of romantic postcards. Crescent moon with some planet in close proximity, vivid and ... oh, stellar... in the center of the sky. Just out there sayin' "tonight *I* want to be center of the universe."

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