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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Digital Divide

Rode to Stepitup2007. Got revenge (inadvertently) on those cars that stop for me when they have the right of way 'cause I assumed I had the stop on THird St. and whatever road I was on, only they did. I hopped onto the sidewalk and pretended to adjust somehting so I wouldn't look like I was just yielding for the sake of yielding (or having an attention lapse). WHat were cars doing going down the road anyway?
Found the remains of the "rallY" which had done its photo early ... and several other people arrived to be on time for the stated time of the photo. As in, stated on the website, which the organizers left over under the overhang hadn't seen. The left mouse does not know what the right mouse is doing...
It's 37 degrees and raining. Gore-TEx is good.

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