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Sunday, April 08, 2007

chopsticks at church

After the Easter Mass (wherein being cantor I got to say the A word the most - do I win :) :)) the Korean Community had its annual hmmm... is it called kee bim bop? ... brunch. Fork over a few bucks - or is that spoon? Get your carryout styrofoam with rice and egg and veggies and this and that with a plastic spoon on top.
Folks looked about as comfortable as I am with chopsticks, but then I did too. Plastic poons really aren't the best shovel for rice, especially when it's so good you want to aim precisely for targeted comestibles.
THe folks with the real advantages were the parents who were accustomed to spooning all kinds of things into little kid mouths ;)
Century training and what have you come in handy for that SUnday after the Vigil after the Triduum :)
I have the Xtra back. Scot had said I might not need a new chain - that with the Xtracycle Free Radical I would have been doing more spinning than crunching. Hmmm... I didn't think so and I made him check and he said, "well, it's on the borderline, so we'll change it." He suggested everything else in the world had been upgraded so it would probably onle need a cassette next year.
When I picked it up, he talked about the assorted thigns he'd done - redoing the headset, adding the fenders... and showed me a truly wobblified, nastified jockey pulley and that "the chain was horrible," and that he'd replaced the cassette. I thought you so!! I thought you so!! P'raps he doesn't realize Geonz's are not graceful creatures so that even at feminine weights we do a burly job of pounding those pedals even when we're doing our best attempt at proper "all around the stroke" technique (and it's not as if we have clipless to fully enable that). I'd like to be less wearing on the drive train, but I figure a lot of it is physics: a double-length chain is going to get a lot more torque and wear. I shall, honestly, endeavor to clean it more often.
It seems to fit into the flow of traffic better. It's so quiet that I had to undo the bear bell.
Happy Easter!!! Bundle up and stay warm!!!

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