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Thursday, April 12, 2007

And windy has stormy eyes!
No storms but wind.
I have put a new tire (not studded, in flagrant nose-thumbing at the forecast for sort of snow) on the front of the Gazelle, since the poor Xtra is in the shop with its warped brake. (Yes, I brought the blender by, too, for fender-notching possibilities.) It was making rattly noises - the kind of rattly noises most of my bikes have except that the Gazelle shouldn't :( SO something isn't bolted down right. And it was rubbing just a little... or swishing, anyway, when I put the wheel back. And I'm not sure the tread is pointing the right direction.
I still get a perverse pleasure out of having a headwind be my excuse for 2-minute tardiness.
It would have been five except I got motivated by a baby Caterpillar, which was in my mirror, bearing down... I "took off" (as much as you can on a fifty pound bike up hill in a 20 mile headwind) and the hill helped me (or hurt the Caterpillar more).
At the stop light he says, "Cold?" (imagine the communication over the engine and the wind, through his bundled layers) "Not while I'm moving!" He makes pedaling motions with his hands. I say, "You need pedals on that thing!" "You're right, that's what I need!" light turns green... we go.
I get to school and... the Trek 4100 is gone from the rack. Is it a coincidence that public safety is parked nearby? Public safety pulls away as I pull in.
I have to wonder: like many folks, people figured a: Sue rides her bike every day. B: That bike is there every day. C: therefore, the bike must be Sue's. So when I pull up, welp, they know nobody stole my bike. The world is okay.
Yes, I do have delusions of being the entire center of *everyone's* universe. I reckon it was the usual "watch the C parking lot in the morning class time" and it was time to go to anothe rparking lot. Besides, they know I am the space case who has parked her bike in the hall and forgotten about it ;)

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