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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Took Clark all the way through to Urbana for my commute back in honor of Unofficial St. Pat's day since going through campus would be almost certainly unpleasant.Encountered one clot of intoxicants on a balcony. THeir raucous invectives (F words deleted) "Hobo?!? Santa Claus ?!? Christmas Tree?!? "
Not the usual *admiration* of those qualities, alas, but yes, I've got a few strings of lights back and feel like myself again!

The route is actually about half a mile shorter, but it cuts through a walkway (or something? golfcart way? It's very wide and concrete, but big curbs at the two streest to cross except for a sidewalk-width cut curb well to the side of the main path meaning ack! I have to like turn my handlebars!), and I have no idea whether it's a main pedestrian thoroughfare during a school day or not. It was absolutely (almost creepily) vacant, but again, it wasn't a normal night.
for the route. Gets across Neil one direction at a time, goes under the RR tracks, and was very, very lightly traveled last night. I'm going to try it Monday...

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