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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Today included another one of those conversations as I got ready to wheel home. "I admire you so much! I just can't imagine at the end of a busy work day, then having to ride those miles!"
Well, when you're used to it then it's not even used to it as in somethin gbad, it is something good... well, maybe, but "It's the time. If I could get home in ten minutes..." well, first, I *couldn't* get home in ten minutes; more like 20. The bike takes 40.
And it's time I could spend at a gym... much more efficient than that.
OF course, I pondered the conversation on the way home. Good grief, L, why are you in such an incredible hurry? Are you living that efficiently? I *know* I waste that much time (doin' stuff like blogging...)
The unspoken bottom line, of course, is that I think cars are destructive and that, it's worth spending that extra time and effort to be wreaking a little less destruction.
I still don't think I"m going to catch that midnight LEX fallenover tells me runs from Champaign to Chi-town to Union Station in time for my 10:00 conference presentation next week, and the train runs too late, too. Of course, if I rode my bike *all night...* Hmmm how far is it ;)
Also, the "Bicycling [a quite statement] Against Oil Wars" sign is no longer on the abandoned Trek at my bike rack. (L thought it was a *Very* diligent cyclist's vehicle.) I suspect that rather than being vandalism, there was something about being buried in snow... I'll look around on the ground tomorrow... or it came off and somebody took it who wanted it ;)
P'raps I should replace it with my other one and see what happens...

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