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Saturday, March 24, 2007

So! Serious cell phone tag - we were both actively trying to call each other at the same time, and getting voicemail - and I'm connected with Faith from animal control. There are five dogs out there with that same "black with some white and brown" description. Three, though, were lab mixes and this critter just didn't strike me as anything like a lab. Fourth was shepherd... this one just seemed hairier. Fifth is a Rottweiler mix - definitely b est fit and Faith seemed reasonably confident that was the one. Once she said "Rott" I thought "yea... forgot about that kind."
She said she hadn't thought of it as dangerous, but that maybe it had a problem with bicyclists and that was a problem. Analyzing the facts I figured that even if it weren't dangerous to her, I have to file a dangerous dog complaint. Yes, it's a pain for the owners... but the fact is that I *should* be limping still, and people do ride bikes out there.
She was also aware that I'd emailed tbe bike club (small town :)) and asked that I be sure to update them (done). Yes, it took some time - but yes, they took action (and never gave me the third degree).
Rode out to Philo today between flats. Hmmm... flat the day after that harder-than-shoulda-been ride last Saturday, fixed to ride it Friday, flat this morning and flat again on the ride back. *Think* it was a pinch along the sidewall for the most recent one. (Yes, inspected the tire, which isn't that old.) Also managed to knot up the chain (when I flipped the bike upright to release the brakes) so that it took the *guys* five minutes and wheel remove it to get it right ;)
Good news: I'm almost fast with fixing those things. Gotta slow down enough to not leave out the steps, though...

thunderboomers right now - maybe metric, mebbe not. Might just stick to Gazelle... she's been more dependable...

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