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Friday, March 09, 2007

Paper or plastic?

Bring your own, dear hearts :)

and... not just bags!!! You know you have 317 mugs rolling around the crevasses and corners of yer dwelling. Disposable cups are most of the cost of beverages you buy anyway - be the one to start the trend!

For your bicycle:

According to, "You can Replace Cup with Cateye HL-500II in for After Dark Riding."

And, of course, the cup could be used for tea for those of us with delicate sensibilities. (Canadian)

and stolen from teh comments:
Dennis at Battle Lake sells a great grocery tote for $14

From Grist:

"So the short answer to your which-is-the-lesser-of-two-evils question is that there is no clear lesser, and neither is exactly evil. Picture this scenario: You're driving down the street and your eye is caught by a plastic bag snared in a tree. "Gross!" you think, "Some jerk has been littering again! Those plastic bags are a wasteful, American consumerist eyesore! Turtles are going to die!"

Guess what? That flapping plastic bag is a distraction from the much more important, yet all-too-often overlooked fact that you are driving. Driving a particulate-spewing, gas-devouring, pavement-loving machine.

And that is the role of the paper/plastic debate for far too many casual environmentalists: an eye-catching distraction from far more threatening concerns."

Dennis at Battle Lake sells a great grocery tote for $14 that I've been using for years -- they also have a larger size (double a typical grocery that I use to pack the big, oddly-shaped things: chips, fruit, bread), but I don't see it on the site. Dennis is always open to email inquiries, though!

His stuff is bombproof -- my group of a dozen+ riders and skiers have used his stuff forever.
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