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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lumotech Light

I've got the "oval" one - according to Sheldon Brown's site, it's got "German approval" (which the round ones don't?)

I"m about to hop on the Xtra and head that last half mile to the home port. Yesterday I had my generator hub & light installed at CHampaign Cycle and it's very delicious. Also very bright :) The fact that a certain Big Fat Honking light - Planet Bike Insight 15 watter - has decided to show up is of course laughable, but that one requires thinking and planning.
Only one issue with it right now: the off switch doesn't work. Stay tuned ...
I may have authority fantasies, though... I've already got red and blue Tru-Value $3 Special Garrity GLo-lites on the back... and the nice bright Lumotech... and of course I'll wear my black and yellow Gore-Tex suit... all I need is that 15-watter spotlight and "I'm in charge, here..." SNork!

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