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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Have every intention of riding 200 miles this seven days to Get Cycling Season Started. Today's 37 were hard work, I dearly hope because I despaired of getting the tires fully inflated. The Presta valve part of my Joe Blow floor pump just wasn't Presta-ing *at all.* The Road Morph did a good job of getting things up pretty far but I got tired of fighting and decided to ride. I replaced the missing piece ... so it was a major bunbite when the danged thing still wasn't cooperating. Might just have to replace it and that shouldn't be; it's only a couple of years old. (However, I don't know why the screwy piece disappeared; could have been toddler abuse at the family gathering and other things could have been tugged and squeezed nad undone. Topeak products usually do better.)
The Sat. a.m. Meadowbrook was coming in as I was going out - at least 10 of 'em. Go guys!!! I did a coupla laps of my favorite five mile loop and managed to hold a 15-16 mph avg. Mile 23 ... stomach started growling and energy started fading. Felt good to push that hard, though :)

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