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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Dog Bite

Dogblog: 2300 & 1600, he bites

That would be Champaign County, corner of 1600 (which is HighCross closer in) and 2300 (which is ??)
About to call animal control (but wanted to be able to refer to this)... dog came out and chased our group for a good half mile; kids were playing with four-wheel drives in their yard so no doubt it was feeling protective. (Kids were in their own world.) Did not take me down. Might have had I not had thick sweatsw and thick tights. We stopped about half a mile down (fully visible; nobody came out to check except the dog who came down to confront us again, but wasn't quite confident enough to take on six of us.) Stupid humans.

(Oh... found it...
First Day of Spring (Garnet Rogers)
... this and "ease into it" are just too delicious for words from his "SHining Thing" album...

The crocus raises up a fragile head
In The snow beneath the trees
Winter was so hard this year
You swore it would never leave
Now the rain soaks in the garden
Sweet scent upon the breeze
Open up your window and breathe it in

It's funny how it happens
It's a mystery to me
Passed you by so many times
You think it's not to be
But then love is standing there beside you
If you had the eyes to see
Open up your heart
And let her in

She's the one whose touch will heal you
She's the one who;ll guard your heart
She's the only one who got the joke
She got you right from the start

She's the one who loves you for yourself
Complete within your skin
Open up your heart
And let her in

While all the trees across the meadow
Bow their heads against the storm
Clouds are racing gray and low
The rain is sweett and warm
This first day of spring is fading fast
By the bed the light is dim

Open up your arms
And let her in

This first day of spring is fading fast
By the bed the light is dim

Open up your arms
And take her in

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When I lived in your neck of the prairie, there was a county road north of Urbana with two sets of dogs from two different farm houses.

The first set weren't bad -- they just loped along beside me as I rode by the farmstead.

The dog from the second farmhouse were bad -- a viscious creature racing out to snap at me. He got a mouthful of pump one time, and another time I kicked it in the snout with my cleated bike shoe. I don't recall if there was such a thing as county animal control, but my reports to the sheriff sure went unheeded.

Finally I bought some pepper spray. Hoo boy, that stuff worked like a charm -- it stopped Cujo cold in his tracks. Afterwards, he'd still bark but he wouldn't come within 50 feet of me.

I still would have preferred if he got hit by a truck, though.
I didn't look at your map until just now. My dog attacks were on Ford Harris Rd, but I think on the west side of Hwy 45 if I remember right.

Hope that bite heals. Maybe you should insist on having that dog tested for rabies. They have to chop his head off to do that, y'know.
Hope your leg heals quickly and without further aggravation.

My one and only dog-chases-bike story has an interesting twist. I was riding north on a desolate county road and came upon a woman riding her bike south with her two dogs running free. One of them veered left and decided to attack me, yapping and snapping within inches of my meaty calves. No harm, no foul. The woman was hollering for all she was worth, but couldn't control the beastie. Always found it ironic that my one dog attach was at the hands... err... fangs of another cyclist's dog!
I saw crocuses the other day too! It makes me happy for spring. I'm pretty new to biking more so I haven't had any dog attacks, but that sounds horrible. I like your blog!
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