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Monday, March 19, 2007

Did I say 200 miles? Maybe :) I might have to ride a whole lot Friday. Fortunately there's no work then. SUnday I was still pooped from that 37 miles on Saturday; my rear tire was totally flat yesterday (when I was going to take it to Pete's 'cause he hasn't used his pump since he bought it so it should still work on a PResta valve, unlike mine!) so I was probably working *very* hard. I hope :)
Going to do "blending bicycling into your life" again at Parkland - and realize that there are serious updates since last year - the bike co-op is a hoppenin' thing, the maps are in progress, and I can even mention that there's roadside assistance for bicyclists... and the MAIN thing is last year I didn't actually *have* the blender. This time I can advertise smoothies :)
It'll be interesting to see if little things like inconvenient truths and global warming publicities influence people, too, tho' who's to know how I will know. And then there's the familiarity factor: do more people know who I am now that I'm in Grand Central Center for Academic SUccess?
Time to hop aboard the Gazelle. Looks like I"ll get in at least 22 miles today... 66 so far... tomorrow taking off work to RIDE so it should be worth another 30. Okay, Metric by noon on Friday. Ya you betcha :) (Hit 1000 miles for the year yesterday... but the car has 1341 or some such thing...)

You'll catch that pesky smog monster, I know it!
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