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Monday, March 26, 2007

... blogging may be a teensy bit difficult in the immediate future as the laptop is very sick and going to hospital. (I do *not* want to deal with Vista.)
Gas 2.41 or 2.58 depending on which corner. Spring break is over- lots and lots of students and bicycles out there.
Blue bike helped me set personal flat-fixing record of four in a week... and two mroe that others helped with, and I think I'm forgetting one or two. Three known dings with little shnerkles that were *very* hard to find. Three dings and you're out... got a hard-case tyre today. We'll see how easy it is to mount... but I've gotten pretty danged good at this flat fixing schtick. Not quite Indy pit crew...
Animal control picked up my "dangerous dog" statement today. They get the final decision which is OK by me. (I have no reason to think the system's broken, though this *is* Illinois... and no resources to fix it if it is.) Bruises have gotten to that pale blue-grey color and the rest is dryin' up like it oughta.
Polished up "blending bicycling into your life" presentation for "professional development" at the college. If I have time I"ll make an HTML version.
Weather channel said a survey said >80% of people felt changinge their behavior could make a difference in climate change. Climb aboard, good people!!

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