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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

From Cycle-licious
THis is a scrumptious article that rolls off the tongue

"In the past five years, the number of people cycling in London has risen by almost 50 per cent. These people are not the mad, bearded loons of popular myth, their coat-tails flapping crazily as they pedal round the Elephant and Castle. The modern cyclist is making an elegant and intelligent response to pollution and traffic congestion."

Yeah, I loved that quote too, even though I have no idea what the Elephant and the Castle are.
Cool stuff, that. I agree.
The closing comment is equally delicious: "It may seem paradoxical that an intermediate technology is now the future. But it would be churlish not to encourage cycling as the cheap, green answer to so many contemporary troubles. May those who cycle be blessed with clean consciences, stronger arteries and safer journeys."
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