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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

WHew, back on the bike this week! Monday was pretty uneventful because it was warm and wet. Today... whew!! Back East, we always *heard* about "well, the snow will melt and then freeze so it will be icy" and we would hope in vain that this would cause anothe rday off of school. "Freeze," though, meant dipping to 30 at night there. Here, it got to 22 and there was a *lot* of meltage to freeze.
I've been applying the "don't make 'em pass you twice" rule to busses and the karma has come back on me. Corner of Country Fair and Round Barn was totally nasty; I skidded around and successfully aimed my foot at the one little dry spot on the corner, & waved the car beside me around in the "okay, wait 'til the traffic's gone and then figure out how to get out of here" mode, except that the next vehicle was a bus. THe bus driver tooted a little and waited for me, so with gratitude towards my step-through frame I stepped off and daintily picked my way across the ice to a safe spot. IT would have been really easy for a car to hit the ice, too, and take me out; I was glad to be out of that spot. For that particular hundred yards of Roudn Barn, lots of cars were doing lots of spinning.
It's Ash Wednesday... the forty-day (plus Sundays... now why did my fingers type Sindays? :)) journey... click to the left for "bicycling as a lenten practice," which wretchedly still rings too true.

thanks for the "Bicycling as a Lenten Practice" link reminder
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