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Friday, February 09, 2007

Wanna go to Oregon, I wanna go to oregon!!

I was a full, solid WEEK off of my bike, tho' I did get a couple of sweat sessions in on bike in the Hyatt's teeny little fitness center.

Came back Sunday hoping to ride Monday, to try out the nifty keeno cool ski goggles Bob left at my door Wednesday morning (how much of my gear is scrounged from other folks who hand it down to me? From the toe clips to teh Gore-Tex to teh goggles... ) Thanks BOb!!!

but the temp was six below zero, wind chill 20+ below, and the weather guys were talking about how quickly exposed skin would freeze, as in less than a minute, and I would be out in it for 40+ minutes, and I don't like trying out new equipment when failure would mean minor disaster. Bottom line was that if I got a flat I couldn't fix it, since the Gazelle is the ride of choice and it's not a simple enterprise (see Jan. 7) and I'd have to call somebody to pick me up and somebody else would be inconveniened because I didn't use my car.
Especially hard to do, though, because of the forecast for snow Tuesday - which my celestial intuition said would be at the high end of the 2-4 inches predicted. I don't have studded tires (yet) or a suicide wish or even a bruise wish. Drove M, Tu, and it was slimy and nasty enough Tuesday night so I drove Wednesday, too. Tuesday's inside ride was canceled.
Wednesday morning it was tough to wake up and get rolling, and tea didnt' really do the trick, and I realized that indeed, I used to feel that way all the time, Before Exercise. Thursday I would just act as if I had to be at work at 8, not nine, and if I had a flat tire, I'd jog to home or work, whichever was closer. I had enough layers so if I fell, I'd bounce.
Went to the store Wednesday night with the ski goggles, armed with advice from BikeJOurnal. Didn't put them on for the return trip, and my face hurt. ("Is your face hurting you? 'cause it's killing me!") The headlamp had to be just right to keep the mirror in range, which I need because peripheral vision is pretty much gone with the goggles, and I need the headlamp 'cause those silly wires on the Gazelle don't always connect and if there's enough slush on the tire, or somethign like that, it makes a wonderful squealing sound but no light.
I'm inquiring about generator lights for the Xtra... but on the hub for exactly that reason.
Thursday's ride in was breathtaking but uneventful. I still ended up dropping the balaclava below the jaw when it got too warm and I couldn't *stand* not smiling at people any more, so at one below with a headwind there was some windburn. Return trip was not as bad as I feared - the roads were just enough better and drivers weren't in that much of a hurry at 6:20. We'll see how they are at 5:00 today, though. I got a little chilly around the neck and chin.
Today it sas six above. COuldn't find balaclava but there was a scarf. I was able to get up at 5:40 because today *was* an 8:00 day and I still needed the extra time. Between all the straps and things I'm almost bruised at the collarbone but I was warm. However, I didn't do jumping jacks before I left, and I *did* have that between-Coler-and-Neil time period when my hands were chilled and my pinky got numb. That didn't happen at all Thursday. I was still plenty warm when I got here, though.
Have resisted the urge to get $67 winter pants from Steep and Cheap. It was close... but tights, long johns, sweats and Gore-tex worked and if I'm going to toss that much money out it's gonna be for studded tyres :)

I continue to avoid riding to work. Just can't get motivated to get out of bed at 5AM.

Today however, even though is only 25 degrees, I'm riding to the Y to play racquetball.

Spring is not far away.
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