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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Compulsively positive attitude: So I realize I'm out of breath, big time, in no time, getting that Gazelle rolling. Hey, I've had a week off the bike. A fleeting "Oh, *rats,* so much for mopping up the folks at the time trial next week!" but that was steamrolled by PollyAnna who said, "Isn't this amazing!! You get your endorphins so much faster when you are out of shape!!" (I suppose it was, in fact, those endorphins speaking.) I had a little trouble getting into the "training" mode - hard to do taht and watch out for snow clumps. The delusions of grandma are telling me that until I get studded tyres, we'll keep getting snow. Of course, once I'm prepared, things will clear up.
On the way back from town Saturday, I finally had enough of a head of steam to shift into gears four and five... and something else shifted and suddenly things seemed a lot easier. So, maybe I'm not **that** out of shape.
Today it's in the 20's... one less layer but my hands still got cold on the way to church.
Things to wipe down on the Gazelle: the nuts on the wheels. Alas, they're getting rusty. Heavens, I just may get out the steel wool.

Better than being compulsively negative, right?
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