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Friday, February 23, 2007

27 degrees this morning, which meant slick *and* slippery, though simply less quantity than Wednesday. (Yesterday was above freezing so it was mostly wet.) No excitement, but several 20-foot-ish stretches of "okay, nice gyroscopic bicycle, I *know* this is ice we're rolling over, kindly stay true and straight and I won't touch steering or brakes!" It worked ;)
Two more inside rides. Last night's was one of my two fav's: five minutes harder-than-you-want, five off three times, then 8 or 10 solid minutes of pretty hard, alternating fast & slow cadence (adjusting gears to stabilize effort) every two minutes. Of course I like 'em better when I remember the heart rate monitor and the shorts & t-shirt, which I did... got up to 167 as my "goal for working hard" four or five times. Didn't have water bottle... I've "done the trifecta" (clothes, HRM, *and* water) only once. Hopping off and hitting the faucet ain't bad, though.
Got the map ready to hand off to LIB at our next meeting next week. It'll be like the one they have for Rockford already. We'd like to include 'nasty spots' like every time you have to try to get over an interstate and the road shrinks, or all those chunks north of town where ... it just stinks because malls don't need bicyclists as customers. (It's where one of my students got struck from her wheelchair by a drunk driver last semester - not good for anybody not in a cage.)

As a commuter in New England your bicycle commuting has inspired me to consider getting started again sooner than I had planned.
I have immense respect for *true* northerners :)
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