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Friday, January 12, 2007

Patched tube (again). Had to put it in tire twice 'cause i forgot to take that screwy thing off first so it would go through the hole in the wheel. Left the Ductape *somewhere.* Had to make a lot of trips out to the garage barefoot at 1 a.m. so it was good it was SO WARM. No Ductape. No tape. Anywhere.
Band-aid boot! MacGyver loves me.
Put wheel back on. Get th;ings in right order. WHeel is not really even, though. On the old Schwinn you'd just wrench that fender over a bit ... ain't no grabbing and bicepping this bad boy. It's 11:20 and raining hard... if it will deign to dry up a bit I"ll ride down to shoppe. It spun nicely enough though something was gently hissing against something... but not really slowing anything down. SOmething else rattles when I'm riding. Gazelles should not rattle. Old Schwinns are allowed to. xtras wtih four strings of Christmas lights and tinsely stuff and batteries held on with big magnets can rattle (tho' I still haven't diagnosed that sound). Gazelles should be stealthy.
Pink to the west of us on the radar. C'mon, gulf, keep sending us the warm stuff.

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