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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Orchard Downs "Secret Access" route!

I have been made privy to the Secret Back Way Into Campus from Orchard Downs! I can't give away my source - but now I am going to TELL THE WORLD! :D

Just Click HEre for pictures and directions. I tried to figure out where it was on Google's pedometer, but I couldn't. Obviously it's so secret that "they've" made sure of that ;)

This little route does a little wrong-way stuff, a little off-road stuff, but it's basically a safe and commonly-used route which **could** be very, very much improved if, um, cyclists were actually included in the planning process for the Big Bad Changes going on in ORchard Downs which people like the CHancellor like to tout.

I rode 64 miles yesterday... today it is slimy and raining and I'm allergy-infested. Sorry, kittens, we'll all just have to sleep alone and I'm going back to My HOuse (to try to figure out the Gazelle).

On page 7:

The bottom link is wrong (it goes back to #3 rather than forward to #8.
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