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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Motivation to stay alive for *years*!!! (Not that there wasn't anyway.)
The Master Bike Plan for Urbana has a timeline of 11 months and we saw the plans for the next few years' of pavement slapping. Ah, the hard-core vehicular "don't mark the roads for me!" folks will not be happy but Goodwin Ave. will have a Bike LANE... not a bike path. As in *marked* as such - not an anonymous stripe three feet out, a five foot marked lane. Out of the closet and all that! and the next year there will be one on Illinois, and then on Oregon.
Champaign... are you listening???
Got to ride in snow tonight, but (whew!) the roads stayed WET. Now let's hope they ... well, if the temp's 22 like it says it will be, not muich chance of that tomorrow unless htey're a-salted. They're calling for an inch but radar says it's leaving now.

Glad you made it home safe and sound!

Wow, a real bike LANE?? How did that happen?
It happened, I do believe, because Ed Barsotti talked to the folks and pointed out the other bunches of cities who were doing it, too, and weren't having legal issues because of it.
It's *lots* of bike lanes... one per year :)
Some people could use them as a route to, say, Parkland COllege! To work on math skills!
I'm glad to hear about the Goodwin Ave. bike lane. When I bike to school/work I often take Goodwin from Bradley down to Lincoln. After University it gets too busy for me on the street. It will be interesing how they deal with the right hand turn lanes (either have the bike lane between the curb and the turn lane or between the turn lane and the normal lane). Thanks for the info.
That was discussed and they're taking our input back. On the original diagrams, the bike lane is to the right of the "straight or right" turn lane... and we pointed out that they should talk to Ed Barsotti about the safest way to deal with that (which may be to end the bike lane marking before the intersection). It's 'way too busy for me to be going straight with the cars going right... to my left... and all that .
I haven't had the opportunity to ride in the snow yet. I would not do it on purpose, but last year when I got caught in a snowfall, I kind of liked it, a lot.

I'm not convinced that marked bike lanes are best, around here in particular. I ride road that were designed to accomodate bikes, (wider), and that works well.
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