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Friday, January 19, 2007

Creative Protest that's easy to love :-) :-)

He *cleans* the silly tunnels in images... in this case skulls, with the cursive message "Go gently." A poignant message to drivers, indeed.

Tired of dodging major ice floes?
> B. Illegally Discharging Sump Pumps
> Where can I report an illegally discharging sump pump?
> Call the Engineering Division of Champaign Public Works to report sump
> pumps discharging onto an illegal location (such as a street), or that is
> causing a nuisance (ice build-up) on a street or sidewalk. Sump pumps
> connected to the sanitary sewer are illegal and should also be reported to
> the Engineering Division.
> Champaign Public Works
> Engineering Division
> Phone: 217/403-4710

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