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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Gazelle Update:

Developed another slow leak. Ride, pump, repeat.

Took off nuts and washers. Laid them on bookcase in order. OF course I could have done that the first time, but don't count on the memory to call up the process next time, either!

Made note of relationship between valve and writing on tire. Two o'clock. Took tube out. Found little bitty bubbles in the bathroom sink. Glad I didn't have to spend all that time figuring out to put the screw thingy on first.

Can't find trauma in tire. Rememebr that I always get things backwards and look at 10:00 too. Aha! Remember that gravel ding! It's right there... Get the BIG light.

LIttle teeny slit in tire. I heard about this - it pinches the tube and makes little teeny leaks. What to do? TIme to buy studded tires???

Decided to go to bed. Perhaps tonight I"ll make a ductape boot (see? Sioux knows those cool biking words. Boot, indeed. It's not a tall shoe! It's not the trunk of a car! Why isn't it a patch?), patch that little teeny hole, and get her out there on the destined-for-sogginess morrow.

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