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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Today was balmy and in the 30's. LEft before sunrise to get to Office Depot at 7:00 (succeeded!), so I didn't see as many bikes but there have been 5 or 6 every day.
Human moment: Heading out to POst Office, I decided not to do the double-left for three blocks of Mattis and to duck over to the skinny little sidewalk... and dang, there's a person on it. I hop off the bike (over the bridge it's just too narrow) and we have that interaction you have when you've been thoughtful and a person notices it - and you actually look at each other. Yea, it happens in cars, but not that often.
I'd have had to hop off anyway; stretch of snow and ice at the bottom of the bridge. THen I'm coming back and riding (not at the bridge yet); call out to the first human going my direction, and ease on by... and here's somebody up ahead, dang it... oh, she's stepping all the way off the sidewalk... oh, it's that same lady :)
Hey, I'm not saying I got choked up and wanted to hug anybody or anything, okay?
Still over 100 ahead of HOward (but a person can ride 100 miles in a day, and the month is still young). High 17 tomorrw... low 7 tomorrow night. Probably not long mileage days :)

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