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Sunday, December 17, 2006

This Christmas Spirit thing is kinda fun.

I went out Friday for a lunch ride and went by a "nest" of aluminum cans... and since I occasionally visit the Goat, which spits oiut 30cents a pound for them, I just couldn't help myself. (I also tell myself it's a good stretch if I've been sprinting.)
I try to only do it whne there are no cars 'cause my telepathic powers tell me it makes people think I'm pretty strange.
SOmehow, though, when you're on a b;ike that's all Christmassed out... the driver just smiles warmly, because you're *allowed* to do pointless little acts of making things a little better where you are if you're in the Christmas spirit.
And I could really get used to the spontaneous laughter and wordless exclamations the thing inspires. I feel like I'm Santa Claus himself. Herself. Something like that. Like my folks explained when I asked them why we weren't traumatized to "find out there's no Santa Claus..." - they had always told us Santa Claus was "the spirit of CHristmas," and when we thought concretely, it meant a dude. When we no longer thought like a child, it was a natural transition and didn't lose a single bit of the magic.

"Won" the time trial today - went a few seconds faster than the only other woman. Twenty seconds slower than last year... not gonna settle for that ;) Gonna lose five pounds and get in shape before 1/21 when the next one is. Cool thing is that it benefits the Bike Coop.

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