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Sunday, December 10, 2006

How to give up cycling

A "reversal of priorities" essay explaining how it may be a challenge to give up cycling for an automobile, but for the sake of the planet, it can be done. It's full of clues that the author has been on a bicycle in traffic, possibly quite a bit.

Aren't I interesting?

(Had to write that because someone's posted on the bikejournal forum that "aren't I interesting?" posts belong on blogs, not on their forums... and I suspect that I'm one of a few people being referred to... I was going to quote the post but... ummm... it's gone. I suppose, it's most likely that the poster deleted it himself as opposed to some anti-censoring censorship. The dynamics of online communities are fascinating. But... at any rate, BJ visitors feel free to comment here -- yes, I personally think you ARE interesting, even if you say so yourselves {SNORK}! There is room on this earth for Mutual Admiration Societies that wax positively instead of the "let's band together and fling wrath as our binding" that one finds on places like reading education forums...)

Yes, you are interesting... and inspirational to boot!! I agree that online communities are fascinating, not always in a good way, but fascinating none the less. Bikejournal is less angst laden than most, and as such, I really like 'hanging out' over there.

Plus, my mom keeps up with me by reading my journal there!

While Howard really IS interesting, and takes every opportunity to let the BikeJournal community know it, what is REALLY interesting is that this post slipped Howard's notice -- perhaps because it was posted then deleted during a long ride.

Howard is certain this post was directed at him, which makes him a little sad because his whole schtick is just that -- a schtick -- and a few BJers haven't figured that out yet.

Howard's just in it for the laughs, though he's accidently made a few friends along the way. Most of these friends will probably remain the ultimate platonic friends too in the sense that Howard will never ever meet them face-to-face. But that doesn't keep him from understanding a little bit about them to know that he likes, admires, and respects them a lot... Sioux.

And WooDog, if Howard's mom read his BikeJournal posts, he would be a whole 'nother Howard! Same with the wife, although he's shared lots of his writings with her. She "gets" Howard and knows that she married the other guy.
Welp, Howard, we can be certain it was directed at us - but then, we'd be being as narcissistic as ... we are :-) Then I thought about the focus on "cleanliness," and I cruised some threads and clicked on links I'd usually ignore, which included "want to ride a recumbent" with the link to the preparation H ad with people sitting and squirming, and I thought, "now *that* might inspire me to post "this is getting adolescent!!" There was at least one other equally absurd.
So. While we may be leading folks to that slope (and my response to it asked whether it was a slope or a sine wave - and there was actually simple demure discussion from a few people agreeing... and every bit as many saying "it's fun, dang it!" and then a few more like DID saying "hey, this stuff comes and goes. It will pass..."
I figure that there's as much room for people to post wanting things to be clean as there is for people talking about Iron Ore Betty... and then figure the original poster deleted it, 'cause the irony of censoring a "there should be more censoring" post is to twisted to consider.
Interestingly, one of the moderators posted most strongly in favor of having fun and being off topic and what have you.
(I posted "aren't I interesting" at bj before the thread disappeared as an act of defiance. I wasn't sure whether you'd caught the thread or not (and thus explained in blogville).
I also remember a moderator noting that traffic had increased significantly since our little motivation threads were posted.
I've been a "major player" on forums before, even without moderator power. I found that a few regular people can set a tone; all you have to do is keep posting (and bumping stupid threads down) with intelligent stuff, and to keep responding intelligently whenver possible, and you attract like-minded people and create a snowball effect. (It always made me laugh when people *assumed* I had moderator power.)
Wow, that musta been some thread, as short-lived as it was. I (forget 3rd-person) like most people there too, don't dislike anyone really, though there is one fellow who really despises me. Weird uptight personality, with a lot to offer creatively to the forum, though he sticks exclusively to the "atta boys" and "good jobs." Suspect it was him that started the thread since twice now he's posted in response to something I wrote and then quickly deleted.

Oh well, can't please 'em all... and wouldn't want to because it means the message is too LCD (lowest common denominator.) Elitist? Nah, intelligentist!

On the new thread of ours I created yesterday, one good comment suggesting you and I finish with a tie annoyed me because that's exactly what I've been thinking lately. We would have to coordinate efforts, and not let anyone know about it (except, I suppose if someone were to read it here, BowWow!)

Really, I'm most interested in reaching 8,000 miles since that's been my goal since about June or July once I realized what huge number might be possible.

Like to know your thoughts.
No time to answer right now - have to dash to bike shop to get help with a rear light (the Gazelle one that fell off and was recovered)... but I just got the email that my link to the "drafting story" has been deleted ... gosh, bike p*rn has no place there, I suppose... of course, he doesn't know that there's another link to it that I didn't post the warning on, somewhere...d
I love that article about giving up cycling in favor of driving. I'll try to keep those things in mind when I shop for a car this weekend.

And yes, Sue, You Are Interesting, as well as awesome, fantastic, wonderful, stunning, insightful, kind, brilliant, funny, articulate, witty and whatever other superlatives you can think of in the next 40 seconds.
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