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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Heard the usual "walk (somethign???)" at the crosswalk. Tonight it sounded like "Walk light is on." SOmetimes it sounds like "Walk by your dog." I dunno. I figure maybe if you're next to you you can hear it.
I thnk I answered the profound, mind-boggling (not mind blogging!) question: why does the little box CLANNNNNNG like an Big Ben wind-up alarm clock if the light got to red before I got across? No motorist could here it, should they even be chastened. Was it to chasten me?
Then it occurred to me that it was for blind pedestrians, who might care that something was still coming through. Now, if I could put one on my office door...
23 miles to 8000! I surprised myself waking up in time to do an early loop, especially since I had all the signs of an oncoming cold. They were *gone* in teh morning, though. Morning motivation is something I don't have a lot of control over; the body dictates (as it always has). Final exams were never enough... bicycling is!
SO, off at 6:51... later than yesterday, so rats, not enough time for 13 ... oh, unless we decide not to take a shower between, which is eaiser if we go slower, which we feel like doing anyway, which we justify with the idea that we're doing a training ride tonight.
Had to go back & get work stuff, and then ride off. On time :)
12:30 rode to post office. Went back inside for pump to placate Saint Murphy and his laws. TOok off for the 15-mile loop. Pushed a bit. Came back. DId some stuff (YAY!!!). 5:30 took off again, did gratuitous lap around campus, then down to LBS for inside ride. OH, my, that "lactate threshold" was lowered... and sweat came in buckets. One day I shall, I swear, remember water bottle and change of clothes and all the heart monitor parts.
Straight back to 608. Howard did 60 to my 47 (48?). I"m tired enough to want to go the short route home. THink Howard went to bed early, too :)

Love the "walk sign is on" comment. I first thought they were saying "Walk nigh head on"- BryanG
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