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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Having been tagged, 5 little k nown things (attempting a variety of subject areas):

1. My elbows do not lock. I can't do a cartwheel and I was told to get off the uneven parallel bars (gladly!) until I could, when I didn't know I couldn't.

2. I inherited callouses from my father's X chromosome - an undocumented genetic condition.

3. According to Myers-Briggs, I'm extremely introverted.

4. I went skinny dipping in Deep Creek Lake in December.

5. I can't bring myself to perpetuate chain letter things (too introverted~).

It's raining so I didn't put the little lit bear on the bike for the lunchtime errands. Going to post those miles...

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Extremely introverted? Big surprise there (purest sarcasm intended.) It takes one to know one. BowWow once said that he and I would sit on the sidelines in our shyness at the next BikeJ reunion. But frankly, Howard would never go to anything like that. Too painful to contemplate. Howard's an INTP, FWIW.
Yup... INTP here, too.
I have learned how to go to events like that and trust my uniqueness to enable me to have a good time (a bicycle with a blender goes a long way - and knowing that an inordinate percentage of bicycle riders are ... welp... sort of a different flavor of geek than would be at the sci fi cons, and not as critical of social skills as, say, schoolteacher types (and More likely to be clinically hyperactive?)

INTP here too. 95% Introvert score. The Thinking/Feeling thing is nearly 50/50.

Well then, to round out this discussion, Howard's best girl is an INFP, which is supposed to be a good fit for us intellectual T-types.

So Sioux.... skinny dipping in December. Sounds a bit nippy...
There were pictures (tho' I don't have them). I"m sure they'd appear if I ran for office ;) It was the fellow who, um, inspired that plunge who taught me a very important lesson in life that allows me to attend and enjoy functions with people who will never "get" me: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em... if they won't let you join 'em... &%^( 'em.
The one I/E question I answered as an E... was because I'm so I. I'd rather be late at a party... when there are fewer people.
BTW, HOward, both your posts got delivered to my mailbox. Interesting contrast!
Woodude, you are going to so love the Xtracycle.
Blogging is great for introverts, eh?
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