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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Got the Xtra back from Champaign Cycle yesterday. I love the rediscovery feeling whenever I get on it again. Okay, I love the way it somehow has a more assertive niche in the traffic flow (could be the blinking Christmas tree, perhaps?) and hauls everything but still rides smoothly and quickly. Did 5 laps around Parkland for no reason (tho' it did keep me 7 miles further ahead of HOward, who managed 53 miles today [waving back there at Howard, flap! flap!] ... could we hit 8000 on the Solstice??? here's a little link to a site expressly for posting bicycle routes. Haven't explored it much.
Champaigncountybikes meeting tonight and I don't have to leave at 8:00 :) :) Thinking this morning about how to promote Ride to Work week. Gotta believe that with the teensiest bit of promotion people would be Out There... uniting to decrease our dependency - left and right wingers alike... teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony with whatever megacorporate product we choose...

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