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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ah, this option has returned!!! Not my picture but ah (I hope), the wonders of editing software :)

12 degrees this morning... okay, chilly enough so that I have too many layers to slather on (and they're still slightly damp from the morning's exertions) to make it worth slipping out at lunchtime for a bike shoppe ride.

People especially nice this morning - on campus, I'm "overgearing" just like in the TrainRight video, going uphill onto campus, into a 20 mph wind, and the gears haven't shifted for the whole trip (assume they froze) so I'm in the middle gear and pedaling slowly but steadily. Good workout... and Saint Murphy is with me as there's nobody keeping me from easing over to theleft lane, tho' there's somebody coming my way (which always makes me nervous 'cause they have the stop sign even tho' they're going straight and I'm turning left BUT...) ... ah, no problema, going 'round the loop, too - and stopping to wait for me *anyway* ...

12° Brrrr! Frozen gears is one reason so many winter cyclists use fixed gear bikes -- fewer parts to break.
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