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Friday, November 03, 2006

The sun goes down early and the moon rises even earlier this Sunday,
and the moon will be just beginning to wane. How about a 6:00
pilgrimage to St. Boniface from Countryside Day School (Staley & Kirby,
Chamapaign), with hot cider at the end? (I promise, *not* the same
cider from last month, which would be applejack by now :))

I'm anticipating a crisp and silvery silence, with brilliant shimmering
shadows and magnificently magnified moonglow. You can truly connect with
your inner autumn and the seasons of the earth, with no bugs in your
teeth. It'll be FUN!

Or, let your motivation be wanting to get a few Outdoor November Miles
in... what's your yearly mileage goal?

How To Get Layered:

It promises to be in the forties, which means heavier socks and gloves
for most humans. Tights and sweats (or some other combination that
means two layers) can prevent the dreaded chapped legs; two layers under
a jacket works on top. WHen it gets "really" cold (whatever that means
for you), putting on two jackets makes a world of difference, but for
Yours Truly that's under 20. Ear coverage is a good idea.

This is *not* cold enough to make those ice crystals form in your lungs
if you breathe too fast :) There's also the Furnace Factor: you'll be
cold for ten minutes, then warm up and be toastier than you thought
possible - and if you want to avoid that prerequisite chill, just run in
place inside or jump rope or hop on the trainer for as much of a
headstart as you want to have.

See ya out there!

will you be able to ride through the often frigid midwest winter?
Counting on it. Heard the best answer to the "don't you get cold" question (and it worked on the person I tried it on tonight): "People ski, right?"

It's only a 7 mile commute, and most days aren't all that frigid.
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