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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Rode in Richmond today. FUn folks, even though mostly I rode by myself. I started out in a group, then saw Rickey going the other way (coming back from the early version of the ride; there's a "breakfast" and "lunch" option, but I overslept the 5:30 wake-up call I'd need to get there from Baltimore.
If you tell people you're out there to try to make 8000 for the year, they don't treat you like a newbie, even if you're on a hybrid :)
Saw Rickey pretty early on, heading back, & turned around to say howdy... then took wrong turns before I caught up to 'em. All the roads look familiar ... but all those attempts to memorize the route ten years ago helped.
Found green arrows in the road and followed them until I hit 25 miles, then came back. Lots of rolling hills and big big farms; Sort of like Illinois but more mixed deciduous in between.
Most people were riding alone or in little groups. I didn't see any pacelines except our little clump starting out. However, there was a constant flow of riders.
There's a strategy: make THE ROUTE... and when there are always people on it, cars expect you there. Drivers were very civilized.
Time to play games iwth the nieces/nephews!

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