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Saturday, November 18, 2006 was route one (minus 3 miles that I zipped out and back because I got there before 7:30)... Then it was to Mahomet via Old Church/Rising Road/Left at Rising and RIght at the road past Bondville... then back via Ford Harris and Henslet Road, to Lincoln... then back West out to ST. Boniface, and back... with a few extra laps around restaurant parking lots or riders... 100.4 miles. I think not too much chafing, wchich is pretty good considering how little I've ridden the Trek, which rode very nicely since Scot's "quickie."

Never ridden that far, that late in the year... maybe a 1/1 metric isn't out of the question! I understand there are those who do one 12/31 as well for a "leaving/entering" concept, which of course I could do b/c of my schedule, if the weather is at all cooperative.

Congratulations, SJ, for your spectacular and sustained output of energy so late in the season. You are a worthy adversary/accomplice indeed!
Ok, now I'm getting worried. LOL!

Congratulations, btw. Was this your first century?

Not my first century, but definitely the first one this far "out of season." I think my second this year. (I've done a double metric and the RAIN ride, too, tho' not on the same day :) )
That's impressive, especially considering the temperature.
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