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Friday, November 03, 2006

This 70-year old rode his bike to the airport, did the best he could at parking it, and found that the airport security had cut it to pieces by the time he came back. Seems this was enough to make a politician take note...

His 3-speed is up to speed now, and there's another surprise
One man -- and his bicycle -- can make a difference.

Doug Grow, Star Tribune
One man -- and his bicycle -- can make a difference.

At a news conference Wednesday afternoon, U.S. Rep. Jim Oberstar said that two words would be added to the next Federal Aviation Administration trust fund.

"Bicycle storage," Oberstar said of the addition he vows to make to the $3.5 billion fund.

That means airports will be able to apply for grants from the fund to build places to ride and park bikes safely.

With a big smile, Oberstar, a Democrat from Minnesota's Eighth Congressional District, nodded to airport officials.

"I'm betting the first applicant will be the Twin Cities airport," said Oberstar, the 16-term congressman from Chisholm, who this year is being challenged by Republican Rod Grams.



the bicycle needs to be embraced

there needs to be bicycle parking

discounts should be giving to bicycles
there should be cyclist night at the local burrito shop

coffee shops...

I have always dreamed of the coffee shop/bike shop duplex

been to a couple
always enjoyed the experience

what a great way to get a browsers money
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