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Friday, October 20, 2006

Yellow is good!
I was going out of the college via Duncan, but remembered I had to go to the bank, and turned around. I upped my caution meter because I was going differently than I usually do - and backwards (tho' I suppose evening class people might have been going in; most people were leaving) and at the three-way stop I remember thinking "she's first... no, I was here first, I should go," and then realizing that she was going anyway, and giving her room before accelerating through as she waved to me... and I recognized her and thought, "I didn't think she was a bicycle disser!"
She met me in the parking lot this a.m. to apologize - seems her rear-view mirror created a blind spot about the size of a bicycle, and that only the yellow rendered me visible, which freaked her out.
I explained to her that it wasn't nearly as close as she thought because I could tell she hadn't seen me (it's interesting that my brain processed it as "she was there first, because she's driving that way"). And her caution meter has gone up five-fold. My caution meter has been notified that if I *think* somebody was first, I should prob'ly act as if they were, because I'm probably thinking that because they're going to go anyway. Or something like that.

I hate it when I space out at multi-way stops.
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