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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Under the radar ...

Saturday after the concert I rode back home, through campus. It was 5:00 ish. Game time, 6:00. Not a ton of traffic... but lots of traffic regulation, and here I am heading to exactly that part of campus, and the road's blocked off. I'm wondering if I'll regret going through when I see there's a cop directing traffic, and sending the cars around... sending official folks through... and waving me straight through. Other traffic directing type folks seemed to think I should definitely have free passage directly towards the stadium. (heading away from it wasn't really an issue.)
I wonder if they would like to encourage cylcing traffic to games.

Last night, on the other hand, was extremely wet :-) In the am.mHad to put a big box on the back of the bike and get it to the post office, where I was accosted as I attempted to lock my bike to the parking meter. When the guy pointed to the bike racks that are about 50 yards away, I just said, "Oh, I'm just dense," and made to move over... and the guy with him made a point to ask about my bike and how the "xtra" rides.
Of course, that made me a little late, and then I realized I'd forgotten my clothes to change into ... so I zipped back (but it's an extra 1.2 miles for bj!!!) ... and I had a tailwind, so I managed to get here at 9:01 without being in a *total* lather (and since I had clothes to change into it didn't really matter).

I lied to the lady who offered me a ride because I really wanted to see if this would cross the comfort threshold. Nope. Warm and quite pleasant, if very, very, wet. I had to dodge that flooded section of Country Fair, so took Clark back and basically went slowly. but MacGyver would be proud of me. I dropped new batteries 'way down in my HokeySpokes (it's three batteries going straight down)... and the sproingy thing that makes them connect and light things up was blechified. How to reach???? Ah! There's this copper wire I refused to throw out from at least a year ago because when you really need a long skinny thing, you really need a long skinny thing... and it's right there! stretch it out... stick it down... rattle it around... The sproingers are sproinging again (instead of sploitching into the side of the hokeyspoke).
Alas, I have no ductape to put the newly batteried light on, so I'll have tos tick to the oldly batteried... but hmmm.... maybe that copper wire will wrap around and do the trick... Okay dampness, here I come!
Tonight there *was* a good turnout at the meeting, with several public speakers. Scot said stuff about the positives of cycling and I said afterwards we need to make sure that when we talk about cycling it's not always in terms of "safety" but inh terms of FUN. (I remember reading somewhere that people aren't always talking about "skiing safety" - but talke about dangerous!)

Fun is good. Ed, Kiril, and I have been discussing amongst ourselves in email about reminding bicycling bloggers that bicycling is fun.
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